Visitor management

With its modularity, the BM10 visitor management system can satisfy every need. The various options and hardware components can be combined in any desired manner to create a rounded-off system. It is not the system that occupies center stage: That privilege belongs to the customer and his requirement(s).

This solution is designed to enable all components to be upgraded, even retrospectively. This means that BM10 can respond to extended requirements and security scenarios in a flexible and adaptable manner, and can design processes in a new and effective manner.

Not all standard versions are as good as our standard – we do welcome standardized product solutions and integration concepts, since they enable us to provide the best possible levels of maintenance and support. In our globalized and extremely rapidly changing economic and business world, it is unfortunately no longer possible nowadays to cater for all processes and scenarios within the scope of just one standard application. That is why we, an autonomous and independent systems company, can offer you customer-specific expansion or adaptation of the BM10 visitor management system.




(Deutsch) MADA Marx Datentechnik GmbH erhält ISO 9001 und ISO 14001 Zertifizierung

Mit Beginn des Jahres 2022 hat MADA einen weiteren Meilenstein in der Firmenhistorie erreicht und die Zertifizierungen ISO 9001 für unser Qualitätsmanagement und ISO 14001 für unser Umweltmanagementsystem erhalten.



(Deutsch) Der erste Eindruck zählt!

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