Visitor badges – flexible, fast, high-quality

Make a great first impression on your guests – with visitor badges that not only motivate but are also fully integrated into your workplace environments. The BM10 visitor management system offers you countless possibilities for producing badges for visitors and for external contractors.

BM10 responds flexibly to your requirements and to your corporate environment. BM10 supports TRW card printers with the printing of rewritable PVC badges and all commonly used ID card printers as well as all Windows printers. Depending on the requirements profile in respect of costs, perceived value, integration and environmental compatibility, you can choose between individual technologies – and mixed-mode operation is also possible!

Modularity and flexibility – an overview

With a selection of accessories, you can design your visitor management system on an individual basis to suit your prevailing requirements. Modularity enables the BM10 visitor management system to meet every requirement.

The various options and hardware components can be combined in any desired manner to create a rounded-off system. It is not the system that occupies center stage: That privilege belongs to the customer and his requirement(s). This means that you can equip your system with features such as business card scanning, integrated photography, with the optional signature pad, a barcode scanner, the RFID desktop scanner or with ‘Self-Visit’, the ‘User Self Terminal’ solution.

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