Identification media

Our strength lies in customer-oriented and tailor-made production of identification media such as badges, high-quality key rings and durable wrist transponders, and in programming and implementation of the associated software and hardware systems.

In addition to classical identification media in credit card format, we can also offer you a broad range of key ring and wrist transponders, coins and specialist solutions. The combination of different conventional identification techniques such as barcodes, magnetic strips or inductive (32-/65-bit) with contactless LEGIC technology is not a problem. Combination cards (high-/low-frequency systems) are standard items in our scope of delivery. It is also possible to combine different LEGIC technologies with one another.

We offer systems based on LEGIC chips with these specification groups:

  • MIFARE Classic® 1k
  • MIFARE Classic® 4k
  • MIFARE® DESFire®
  • TAG IT plus
  • I-Code
  • ATA 5577
  • EM 4200
  • EM4450

The MADA key ring and wrist transponders are ultrasonically sealed, which renders them waterproof and forgery-proof. In addition, we can offer you countless options in terms of design and customization:

  • Duogram TM
  • Flatfoil
  • Diffraction foil
  • Metal color foil
  • Hot stamping
  • OVI-Print
  • Metal pigment paint
  • UV fluorescent printing
  • Micro script, guilloche, iris print

MADA can provide you with comprehensive expertise from a single source – a one-stop shop from draft design to delivery, performing all operations under our own roof. This guarantees maximum quality and short delivery lead times. Benefit from our comprehensive range of services and from our many years of experience. Specialist consultancy and personal contact are our highest priority.



28.04.2017 spring-time 2017: Serie of seminars continues its successful course

The serie of seminars “Spring-time 2017” comes to an end. To sum up, we can say: “WOW and thank you very much!” In almost consistently booked up trainings we were able to give interested participants an understanding of the RFID details.