ribondo System – a new level of comfort for your wrist

We offer you the new MADA ribondo system. This is a professional and high-quality solution for locking systems and locker room wrist straps for swimming pools, fitness & leisure, sauna & wellness and a great deal more.

ribondo stands out when compared to conventional solutions with its superlative production quality, maximum color integrity and a combination of highly flexible and ergonomic properties. ribondo wrist straps are available in two versions: the first is a finely woven nylon/perlon wrist strap with a high degree of dimensional stability and tear resistance. The other is a plastic version. Made of a high-quality anti-allergenic premium grade of plastic, it meets high standards of quality and hygiene, making it ideally suitable for use in saunas and saline baths.
Both wrist strap variants are equipped with a high-quality stainless steel clasp – assuring optimum grip while also being easy to open and close.

ribondo is an all-in-one system for self-assembly. The associated locking and key rivets, key boxes with optimum lasering (numbering) and assembly aids ensure a perfectly matched complete solution, one designed to be as robust as possible. The wide selection of modern colors rounds off the product portfolio.

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