Card systems

We develop, produce, provide training on and sell professional software solutions for the preparation of badges, enabling badges and ID cards to be printed and coded for access control purposes and for ID management, for the administration of members or for visitor management purposes. The software user interface can be configured for optimum ease of use – automating the process of preparing passes.

Our software solutions are compatible with all Windows-based printer drivers. As well as readily comprehensible software for card printers to produce card layouts and for the coding and printing of badges, we offer innovative solutions for the creation and administration of service badges and ID cards in companies, government bodies, schools and universities, associations, software for customer cards, visitor management or identity management and appropriate card printers.



28.04.2017 spring-time 2017: Serie of seminars continues its successful course

The serie of seminars “Spring-time 2017” comes to an end. To sum up, we can say: “WOW and thank you very much!” In almost consistently booked up trainings we were able to give interested participants an understanding of the RFID details.