CARDSYSTEMS ID badge management

We present you with, our latest professional badge production software, suitable for all kinds of companies, government bodies and public-sector institutions.

The software has a simple and intuitive user interface for the administration of master data, and for the production of card layouts. It can be configured in a user-friendly manner – automating the production of badges. This software solution is compatible with all Windows-based printer drivers and supports virtually all commonly used models of printer.

With, you are able to do more than simply print badges. In addition, you can also encode them in a convenient single step. In the “Enterprise” edition of this software, a universal coding solution is pre-integrated for all commonly used contactless and contact-based badge technologies. This enables you to
print, encode and initialize your badges and ID cards in a single operation – one that is fully automated.

The Small Business Server variant of is designed for the production of badges across departmental or location boundaries. Your data are stored centrally and are therefore available to all linked computers at the same time.

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