The secure Windows log-in

Security and reliability when accessing data and information. These are factors that are coming to play an ever more decisive role in our operational environment. The protection of your Windows system environment depends to a crucial extent on the quality of log-in passwords employed by the users on that system. In all areas relating to Windows security, it is always advisable to use “secure” passwords, i.e., ones that are as long and complex as possible. However, even if we spend our days surrounded by passwords, they tend to be clumsy and insecure. It is all to easy for someone to see you keying in your password, or for you to forget what it is, and both of these situations are security problems in their own right.

We can provide a remedy. ID.logon converts any RFID medium into an extremely convenient and effective security instrument. Access to your Windows system environment, whether in the office and/or at home, is comparable to access to the door of your house. ID.logon combines seamlessly with your log-in ID and the input of your password is synchronized. Here, the RFID medium constitutes a “key” and is placed on the relevant RFID reader after the computer has been booted, enabling the user to log in to the system automatically. This means that ID.logon replaces your manual Windows log-in with a digital, encrypted “fingerprint”.

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(Deutsch) MADA Marx Datentechnik GmbH erhält ISO 9001 und ISO 14001 Zertifizierung

Mit Beginn des Jahres 2022 hat MADA einen weiteren Meilenstein in der Firmenhistorie erreicht und die Zertifizierungen ISO 9001 für unser Qualitätsmanagement und ISO 14001 für unser Umweltmanagementsystem erhalten.