The topics involved are become ever more multi-layered and complex. Consequently, in-depth knowledge of the technical inter-relationships is absolutely essential. This not only applies to development specialists in the laboratory but also to the customer on location, who already expects expert and professional advice at an early stage in respect of potential stumbling blocks in his project.

Now that we have inaugurated our new training rooms, we at MADA have an entirely new training program comprising a vast array of ID-related technologies and covering up-to-the-minute topics. In response to high demand, we have now extended our curriculum of training courses to include a complete program of seminars.
The content and structure of these seminars centers around the latest contactless technologies from Mifare and LEGIC, divided into target groups for Sales or Technology.

In addition to our regular schedule of training courses, it is of course still possible, as it always has been, to arrange entirely individual dates to cover specific training contents. This enables us to offer you a seminar perfectly tailored to suit your precise needs. The practical benefit of this is that you can attend tuition in the course of an ongoing project, which means you have a professional in-house who can provide direct assistance in the event of any problems or questions arising.


Heidi Braun

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