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It all started with a vision.

The aim to develop an own product line in the data system technology sector was decisive for the company foundation in 1978 by Günter Marx. What initially started in his cellar at home, evolved into a success story we are still proud of – thanks to his hard work, determination and ability. Today we work as a family company in second generation on 3000 m² and with more than 90 employees in our own premises.

Am Anfang gab es die Idee.
Damals wie heute: Unsere Werte und unsere Zukunft.

Then and now: Our values and our future.

During more than four decades we have been growing healthy and organically as a company. The virtues of those days are still important to us and the basis of our success. Nevertheless, we keep up with the times and consider ourselves as a modern company which can look confidently into the future. We maintain a social interaction with our employees and customers based on esteem and respect. Because we can only succeed by working together.

Overview MADA history


Company foundation by Günter Marx

The one-man operation started in the cellar at home. The aim to develop an own product line in the data system technology sector was realizable only in small steps. Initally, the most important company strategy elements were flexibility, commitment and improvisation.


Move to Douglasienstraße 16 with 7 employees

MADA moved into a new company location 4 years after the company’s foundation. A stable upward trend resulted thanks to smart solutions in the cheque card segment and data terminals. The company continued to build up solidely during the next years and took a great step closer to its aim: Develop, produce and distribute high-tech products. At some point, the space conditions with 16 employees became too tight there as well.


New building and moving with 16 employees

After long planning, the present location Hinterhofen 4 was occupied in 1989.


Patrick Marx joins the company

The son of the company founder became the second general manager in January 2004. During the following years, the company continued focussing on own products in the area of RFID media as well as in the software development sector.


Official handover

Patrick Marx became sole general manager and shareholder.


Winner of the innovation award IT with the MADA MIFARE® DESFire® Speed Tag


Design meets technology!

RFID key-fob ceVo+ by MADA wins iF product design award 2013


Extension and move to the new building with 70 employees

The new building with approximately 700m², divided into two floors was occupied in 2015 and offers not only room for the management, sales, marketing and development, but is also a clear commitment to Villingen-Schwenningen as a company location since almost 40 years now. Furthermore, the training system „“ came into existence and became an important part of the future-oriented company strategy of MADA in the areas of consulting and project management. The vacant resources of the already existing building were used to increase the production capacity siginificantly – by almost 50 percent. At this point of time, MADA had 70 full-time employees.


Acquisition of Card Technology Group (CTG) from Villingen-Schwenningen

CTG stood for Card Technology Group until 2015 and represented 25 years of experience and know-how in the card technology sector. MADA and CTG maintained a successful cooperation during many years in all business segments. By overtaking and the entire intgration into the company MADA on 1st September 2015, the range of services was completed in all areas.


Move into new building

Our two-storied new building was completed at the end of 2020. It offers 1.500 m² additional space. Nearly 300 m² office space are assigned to our sales department. Another 800 m² are occupied by our production planning, print office and card production and used for the modern manufacturing plant as well as for the recently created pallet warehouse. Beside the working areas, additional social rooms have been created which are destined for our employees’ breaks.

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