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Autonomous RFID encoding in your company.

Modifications and amendments to the encoded data of the RFID media has always been a huge effort. The media had to be collected and shipped to the manufacturer for re-encoding. To give the companies even more possibilities concerning the RFID media management, we offer a solution for any case with our different tablet-, terminal- or desktop-versions.

Autonome RFID-Kodierung im Unternehmen.
Das RFID-Kodiersystem von MADA. Hard- und Software für die eigene Anwendung.

The RFID encoding system by MADA. Hardware and software for the own application.

We offer the matching software and hardware solutions for the autonomous RFID encoding.
Encoding and read-out of RFID media can be integrated producer-independently into the own workflow and realized in the company.

Qualitative RFID encoding systems by MADA

Moderne Druckmaschinen

Greater independence

Encoding of RFID media can be realized producer-independent.

Umfassendes Ausweismanagement

Comprehensive card management

Companies can enjoy even more control of the card management by providing the option of autonomous encoding.

Modulare Architektur

Suitable software modules

Our software modules allow a comfortable integration into your card management system.

Wertbeständig und langlebig

The matching hardware

We provide compatible and reliable devices for scanning and encoding your RFID media.

Autonomes RFID-Kodiersystem von MADA für Unternehmen