Lettershop von MADA


Every ID medium reaches its destined user.

In case of huge quantities of ID media, launching and maintaining the corresponding system can be very complex. Here again, MADA is your powerful partner. With our lettershop we help you to send the media to their users. You will have no temporal and organizing effort.

Jedes ID-Medium kommt zu dem vorgesehenen Anwender.
So funktioniert unser Lettershop

How our lettershop works

We process the ID media as personalized mailings. Alle media are sorted by recipients, labeled and printed to able to be dispatched directly from your production. The media are delivered in a recyclable packaging with the suitable accessories, consisting of card cover, lanyard and yo-yo. The receipt of the company ID card is confirmed by each employee via two-factor authentication. This is achieved by scanning a QR-code which is provided with the produced card and the confirmation via PIN, which every employee receives by e-mail in advance.

Easy and fast to the intended recipient

Unkomplizierte Distribution

Uncomplicated distribution

We automatize the dispatch of your RFID media to the intendend recipient.

Ein Ansprechpartner

A contact person for every step

MADA is your powerful partner from the entire production up to the shipment of the finished company ID card.

Von Anfang bis Ende

Quality assurance from the beginning to the end

During the entire process we pay utmost attention to the production quality which is reflected in our lettershop.

Wertbeständig und langlebig

Effective and reliable

You can rely on a smooth commissioning of your ID media with our lettershop dispatch.

Effiziente ID-Medien-Verteilung durch MADA Lettershop
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