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Suitable OEM desktop readers for your ID card managment system

We offer the system-matching RFID desktop readers which extend and improve the functionality and workflow of identification card management systems. The devices can be used for different applications, such as machine data collection, authorization processes or the transmission of transponder data and much more.

Passende OEM-Tischleser für Ihr Ausweismanagementsystem.
White label für Ihr Unternehmen.

White label for your company.

We brand and imprint the OEM desktop reader appropriately to your company. Furthermore, it is pre-configured so that the devices can be put into operation via plug-and-play.

OEM desktop reader by MADA

Funktionale Ergänzung

Functional addition

Desktop readers constitute a useful and functional addition to your ID card management system.

Individualisierung nach ihren Anforderungen.

Versatile applications

The devices are suitable for numerous applications such as machine data collection, authorization processes or transponder encoding.

Repräsentativ für Ihr Unternehmen

Individual branding

The devices can be imprinted with your logo and designed in color.

Software und App


We configure the devices according to your needs. There is no installation effort for you. Plug-and-play.

OEM-Tischleser: Ergänzung für Ihr Ausweismanagementsystem