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Passend, durchdacht und zuverlässig. Wir bieten Ihnen das richtige Zubehör für alle Identifikationsmedien, damit einer unkomplizierten Anwendung nichts mehr im Wege steht.

Suitable, well thought-out and reliable. We offer the matching accessories for all identification media to ensure that nothing will stand in the way of an uncomplicated use.

We offer the convenient accessories for all produced identification media. Our product range contains everything needed for a simple everyday use. Card holders, card covers, card yo-yos, braces clips, grippers, key-rings and lanyards.

The suitable accessories for your RFID media

Visuell abgestimmt auf Ihre RFID-Medien

Visually adapted to your RFID media

You will receive the suitable accessories which not only complete your utilization but also matches the design of your RFID media.

Optimierter Einsatz

Optimized application

You will get the maximum out of your RFID media with the suitable accessories. They will become an indispensable everyday companion.

Ein Ansprechpartner

One contact person

Beside the RFID media you can also order the suitable accessories.

Garantiert passend

Guaranteed to fit

If you order the accessory for your RFID media from us as well, you can be sure that it will be the right one.

Accessories overview

Card covers



Zubehör für Identifikationsmedien: Zuverlässige Ergänzungen