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That’s how we are

As a grown, second-generation family business, we maintain close contact with each other. Everyone knows everyone and we want it to remain this way. We always focus on the human being, not on profits. Our employees know that they are appreciated as an individual and for their commitment. That’s the reason why we have succeeded in retaining employees over the long term. We are proud to say that there is hardly any staff turnover at MADA. This is how we create confidence and achieve great things together.

Wir legen großen Wert darauf, dass unsere Mitarbeiter einen Arbeitsplatz haben, an dem es ihnen an nichts fehlt.

Proper working conditions

Providing a pleasant working environment where nothing is missing is of great importance to us. We offer modernly equipped workspaces as a matter of course. The appropriate working conditions also include a proper work-life balance. Depending on the individual life situation, we offer flexible working arrangements to ensure that the private life does not suffer. An appreciative renumeration is something that goes without saying.

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Wertschätzung und Respekt

Appreciation and respect

We appreciate and maintain a human, friendly working climate. Every employee is respected and appreciated.

Langjährige Mitarbeiter

Long-term employees

We are proud to say that we are able to retain a large part of our employees over the long term. This is how we create confidence.

Moderne Ausstattung

Modern equipment

Our workspaces are modernly equipped so that our employees have everything they need.

Zeitgemäße Schülerausweise

Flexible working arrangements

We offer flexible working arrangements to ensure that the private life will not be neglected.

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