Digital ID card

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Transform your smartphone into a digital ID card.

You can transform your smartphone into a digital ID card with our software system No production costs and waiting times. Sign on, set up and start. Contact us if you are interested in our mobile ID management system.

Transformieren Sie Ihr Smartphone in eine digitale Ausweiskarte. mit der passenden App – vielfältige Anwendungsmöglichkeiten. with the matching app – diverse application possibilities.

Our software and the matching app provides many different possibilities. Each application can e.g. obtain its own virtual ID card. With your smartphone at hand, you also have your ID cards at hand as well. Activated once, the digital ID card can also be used offline.

The digital ID card by MADA

Keine Kartenproduktion

No card production

In case of digital ID cards, no card production is necessary. The card is displayed on the smartphone.

Software und App

Software and app

You need our software and our app which is available for iOS and Android.

Mehrere Ausweise in einer App

Multiple ID cards in one app

You can consolidate several ID cards in the app. This simplifies the utilization significantly.

Offline Funktion

Offline function

Once activated and configured, the digital ID card can also be used offline.

Digitale Ausweiskarten von MADA für Ihr Smartphone