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Student cards become digital.

From now on, student cards be be created, managed and distributed digitally with our developed software solution. This is time- and cost-saving. The manual creation of paper badges is an arduous process tying up unnecessary resources. But those days are over now!

Schülerausweise werden digital.
Digitale Verwaltung von Daten und Dokumenten.

Digital management of data and documents.

You can create student cards with only a few clicks with the student card system by MADA. Photos can be recorded e.g. with the smartphone and are processed in the system. The pupils or students receive a digital ID card on their smartphone which is verified via QR-code or as a long-lasting PVC card.

Digital student cards for modern schools, pupils and students.

Zeitgemäße Schülerausweise

Student cards up-to-date

Digital student cards which can be managed intuitively from anywhere in a cloud-based software.

Kein Papier mehr

No more paper

The digital student cards makes the use of paper superfluous. This is sustainable and cost-saving.

Prüfung und Portrait

Decentralized image recording

The photos can be made via smartphone. Time-consuming photo shootings are not necessary anymore.

Compliance und DSGVO


The cloud hosting is made one a web server in Germany. Your data will be saved confidently.

Moderne Verwaltungslösungen von MADA für Schulen