Identification experience


For over 35 years, MADA has stood for quality and expertise in the field of contactless badge systems. As an independent full-service provider, we develop and produce identification media and related systems in a vast array of different technological formats for leading global corporations. Our strength lies in customer-oriented and tailor-made production of identification media such as badges, high-quality key rings and durable wrist transponders, and in programming and implementation of the associated software and hardware systems. In-house developments for visitor administration, coding or card printing and the associated customization round off our range of services.

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Identification media

Everyone knows them – everyone uses them! They may be employee badges in daily business life, access control cards in operational environments or cards for customers, visitors or members. As an independent full-service provider, we develop and produce ISO-compliant plastic cards with versatile options and versions in our own in-house card production facility. The shape and dimensions of these badges and RFID cards comply with the internationally valid standard ISO 7813. The fronts and backs of multi-layer cards can be printed, customized, coded and designed to suit individual preferences.


Card systems

We develop, produce, provide training on and sell professional software solutions for the preparation of badges, enabling badges and ID cards to be printed and coded for access control purposes and for ID management, for the administration of members or for visitor management purposes. The software user interface can be configured for optimum ease of use – automating the process of preparing passes.
Our software solutions are compatible with all Windows-based printer drivers. As well as readily comprehensible software for card printers to produce card layouts and for the coding and printing of badges, we offer innovative solutions for the creation and administration of service badges and ID cards in companies, government bodies, schools and universities, associations, software for customer cards, visitor management or identity management and appropriate card printers.

Visitor management

The way you receive visitors shows how much you value your guests, and make them feel welcome. With the multi-site, convenient visitor management system BM10, MADA can offer an optimum solution for updating your reception area or your gate to comply with current safety requirements. This provides you with a simple way of digitally implementing and processing visitor-related procedures. This allows to see at all times which visitor(s) is/are expected at any given time. Unexpected visitors can be entered in the system smoothly and easily as and when required. These badges enable you to recognize all visitors on your company premises at all times and, if you so wish, to integrate them into the existing infrastructure, for example, for access control or canteen billing. MADA BM10 visitor management also takes all the problems out of the administration of third-party employees and temporary staff working on site.

Following the inauguration of its new training rooms, MADA can now offer you an entirely new range of training courses on a vast array of badge technologies with the focus on topical subjects. Our seminars, in terms of content and structure, are designed around the current contactless technologies of Mifare and LEGIC, divided into the target groups of Sales and Technology. Depending on your individual technical circumstances and requirements, you can attend basic courses or intensive courses at

Apart from the training courses held on a regular basis, you also have the option of arranging individual dates for specific training contents. That enables us to offer you a seminar tailored perfectly to suit your needs. The practical aspect of that is that you can combine tuition with the implementation of a project, and you have a professional on your premises who can assist you there and then with any problems and questions you may have.