Gategourmet: A tasty project of ID.service!

Startseite Gategourmet: A tasty project of ID.service!

Gategourmet: A tasty project of ID.service!

Partner: BZS dormakaba ESP Bavaria Zeitsysteme GmbH
Customer: Gategourmet Germany

Product: ID.service
Project: „Gategourmet“

Company portrait

gategroup is a provider of airline catering solutions and services. During the flights as well as in airport lounges in more than 200 airports, gategroup waits on more than 700 million passengers per year from around 60 countries – spread over all continents. Gategourmet, a subsidiary of gategroup, is the worldwide leading provider of catering services for the aviation industry. Gategourmet is represented in Germany as well and serves more than 20 airports with approximately 6’200 employees.

Starting situation

All employees of Gategourmet needed new employee cards after the merger. There was a deadline for commissioning and changeover of the new cards and IT systems. Furthermore, a tool for future card orders was needed, which was able to be integrated into the daily business.
The biggest challanges constituted its complexity, system compatibility and security. Many different layouts (17 layouts for 5 corporations) were needed. In addition, ID.service had to be operable by many users simultaneously, which required a client management and individual authorizations. By the decentralized organization, lots of shipping addresses (13 locations) made the handling even more difficult. The new badges had to be equipped at the particular sites for time and access control and for canteen payment and at the same time, correspond to the strict requirements and specifications of Aviation Security in the aviation sector.


MADA was instructed with the innovative SaaS-solution ID.service to make a fulfilment of those requirements possible and to integrate card orders trouble-free into the daily working life. The order was placed by the company BZS dormakaba ESP Bavaria Zeitsysteme GmbH, a long-time partner of MADA Marx Datentechnik GmbH.

Project progression

First of all, the approximately 6’600 existing employee badges had to be withdrawn from service and be replaced by new ones. A uniform card concept was implemented for this purpose, which complied with all security specifications and also the global card layout guidelines. The German companies / factories were the first ones from gategroup who implemented the newly designed cards including all necessary information and encodings. The 6’600 new cards were available at the scheduled time and the system compatibility was ensured.
As new cards are needed continuously also after the replacement, e.g. for new employees, service provider or temporary staff, a solution for uncomplicated future card orders was necessary. Thus, the next step was to adjust ID.service step by step and in constant, mutual exchange individually to the requirements and wishes of Gategourmet. Gategourmet created a requirement catalogue including a role- and authorization concept. Afterwards, an assessment of the feasibility and development effort was made by MADA and the innovative solution ID.service was adjusted to the individual requirments of Gategourmet and extended by additional helpful functions. Once having tested the realized functions, a successful test pilot was executed by Gategourmet, whereupon all German Gategourmet companies changed their ordering procedures to ID.service. By introducing an ordering cycle, collective orders for all companies of Gategourmet Germany are now placed regularly after a scheduled time.

Project result & project success

ID.service made it possible to replace all employee cards of Gategourmet Germany successfully and on time. Thanks to the introduced order cycle for the repeatedly newly required badges, Gategourmet is perfectly prepared for the future. The individually adjusted functions of the SaaS-solution are accessible at any time and the strict security requirements were observed during the entire project and will also be observed in the future.

Feedback from project management

“ID.service is very user-friendly and self-descriptive – as it is a web tool, the access and utilization is very simple. Thanks to the selected data export you can perform analysis easily and quickly. Search- and filter functions facilitate searching and finding data records. MADA has been been very open-minded as well as customer- and solution-focused. The cooperation has been very harmonious and the collective development of solutions always successful. The information exchange went very smoothly and we have always received immediate reactions to questions and problems. We are very satisfied the the project result and all our employees using ID.service are happy with this solution. And even after the project’s completion, MADA remains a reliable and competent partner to work with.”

Kerstin Benz, Gategourmet GmbH Deutschland

Gategourmet: Ein ID.service-Projekt, das schmeckt!
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