Windows authentication

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Experience a unique authorization management workflow with our intuitive Windows authentication.

Extend the range of functions of your identification media by the fast and easy Windows authentication. Remembering passwords and complicated login processes will soon be a thing of the past.

Erfahren Sie einen einzigartigen Workflow im Berechtigungsmanagement mit unserer intuitiven Windows-Authentifizierung.
Die richtige Version für Ihre Ansprüche.

The suitable version for your requirements.

Depending on system and extent, we offer three different versions of our ID.logon system. You can choose between using single-user licences or our ID.logon Key Manager for a central key management.

Windows authentication via ID media.

Einfache Handhabung

Easy handling

Present your authentication media to the reading device and you will be logged-in to your computer, network or working station immediately.

Umfassendes Ausweismanagement

Comprehensive integration possibilities

Our Windows authentication can be integrated into any login version of Windows 7, 8 and 10.


Full service from one source

You will receive a reading device for each computer. The accesses are managed centrally.

Compliance und DSGVO

Additional protection

If you want your authorizations and acesses to be double protected, the Windows authentication can also be effected via two-factor authentication by using an additional PIN.

Einfache und Sichere Windows-Authentifizierung von MADA