Gestaltung & Veredelung Als täglicher Begleiter im Arbeitsalltag sollten Transponder und Karten nicht nur funktional, sondern auch für Ihr Unternehmen repräsentativ sein.

Design & finishing

Startseite Production Design & finishing

The best for last?

One of the most important production steps of ID media is the optical design, which is not only decisive in case of visual ID cards for the intended functionality. We ensure the necessary forgery protection and a special appearance of your media. As a daily companion, tranponders and cards should not only be functional but also company-representative.

Das Beste kommt zum Schluss?
Vielfalt garantiert Sicherheit

Diversity guarantees security

You can choose from many finishing variants and security methods. The most common ones are Duograms, contour stamps, optically variable inks, metal pigment color, UV print, microtype, Guilloches and Braille. A combination of those methods is possible as well and makes your media forgery-proof.

Finishing and individualization of your ID media

Highlighting of design elements

With our finishing processes we can realize a haptic design of your ID media.

Ihre Anwendung im Vordergrund

Your application is paramount

Depending on the intended use we design your media and support the functionality with the haptic composition.

Von Anfang bis Ende

From beginning to end

By choosing MADA, you choose a partner who provides the complete service of producing and utilization of ID media.

Komplett sicher und geschützt

Security thanks to finishing processes

With our finishing processes we protect your media from manipulation and forgery. MADA stands for high security standards.

Gestaltung & Veredelung Ihrer ID-Medien bei MADA
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