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Startseite MADA goes green with DHL and UPS!

Climate-friendly shipping for the benefit of our environment

MADA takes its responsibility towards the society and environment seriously and is constantly trying to improve concerning environmental protection. Of course, this also includes the climate-friendly shipping of our goods produced.

At the beginning of 2023, we switched to the program “UPS carbon neutral” with the transport service provider UPS. By using this carbon-neutral shipping service, we support environmental projects dealing with topics such as reforestation, wastewater treatment etc. This compensates emissions caused by the transport of our shipments. In 2023, we reduced 19,07 tons CO₂ with this shipping option by UPS.

Since March 2024, we have been shipping a part of our goods produced with the parcel service DHL, which offers the climate-friendly shipping “GoGreen”. Here, too, transport-related CO₂ emissions are reduced by supporting climate protection projects. Each parcel shipment generates CO₂ emissions, which are calculated according to ISO14064 and compensated by external projects. The entire process is audited and certified by an external certification company.

We think it is great that more and more programs like these are being provided to protect our environment, which is worth every extra Euro we spend.