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Startseite The new student card by MADA – an all-rounder for school!

The new student card by MADA – an all-rounder for school!

Despite the progressive digitalization nowadays, many schools are still using the traditional paper student card with printed photos taken by the school photographer and manual school stamp, which has to be signed again at the beginning of each new school year. This causes lots of time and effort for the school secretariat. Now this finally comes to an end with our innovative SaaS-solution ID.service! ID.service assists schools with data management as well as with the easy creation of student cards, whether as high-quality printed cards in credit card format or in a digital manner in a wallet on the smartphone of the pupils or students.
Thanks to the decentralized image recording, the time for traditional school photography is over and the student and pupils are able to capture a photo for student cards themselves with their smartphones or a mobile end device. Fast, easy & up-to-date!

Der neue Schülerausweis von MADA – ein Alleskönner für die Schule!