Organization of visitors and external contractors

The first impression is what counts! The way you receive your visitors in your institution or company demonstrates just how much you value and welcome your guests. With the multi-site, convenient visitor management system BM10, MADA can offer an optimum solution for updating your reception area or your gate to comply with current security requirements.

BM10 provides you with a simple way of implementing and processing visitor-related procedures digitally. Prior announcement of visits by your personnel relieves the workload of your gate, and also gives employees the opportunity to respond immediately and flexibly to changes of the visit date. The data entered is immediately visible at the gate, which means your reception staff are able to tell at a glance which visitors are expected.

If a visitor turns up unexpectedly, their details can be logged and administered smoothly during normal runtime operations. The visitor badges your company issues enable all visitors on your company premises to be identified immediately as such and, if so desired, they can also be integrated into the existing infrastructure, for example, access control or canteen billing. With the BM10 visitor management system, it is also no problem to administer external contractors and temporary staff.

By equipping them with RFID badges and/or RFID badge covers, external contractors, temporary staff and visitors are easy to integrate into existing systems. The archive function enables you to track the length of each visit, and the places visited by each visitor.

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