Quick and convenient self-registration

BM10 Self-Visit is the ideal solution for gates and entrance points that have a lot of visitors. It is an effective method of self-registration for visitors and external contractors. Here, the User Self Terminal acts as the interface between scheduled and pre-announced visitors from the BM10 Web interface and the BM10 Client (gate workplace).

When an expected visitor has been pre-announced, they are sent a digital invitation (e-mail) that can be configured individually with all the information relating to that visit together with a QR code. On the day of that person’s visit, the letter of invitation can be read at a BM10 Self-Visit terminal using the integrated barcode scanner, at which point the actual, personal and individual reception workflow can commence. In this way, BM10 Self-Visit supports a wide range of scenarios, factors that can be adapted individually to suit the visit process as well as customer-specific requirements and conditions. It is also possible to integrate multimedia contents, such as an image film or video introductions.

Accident prevention regulations also apply to people who do not work on site. In other words, they apply to in-house employees as well as to visitors and external contractors and service providers who are visiting your company and/or are engaged in some activity on your premises. The BM10 Self-Visit User Self Terminal assists your security officers and gate guards to meet their obligations. The process of electronic security instruction can be integrated into the self-registration process. In other words, details relating to the expected code of conduct while on the company premises can be communicated visually and in a multimedia format. The integration of security and safety films, the asking of questions to establish that all points have been understood and a digital signature can all be integrated into the BM10 Self-Visit system. The open configuration of BM10 Self-Visit scarcely leaves any wish unanswered. We are always pleased to advise you!

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