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Day course 1: RFID basics

Startseite Veranstaltungen Day course 1: RFID basics

MADA.college – springtime 2024

Your partner on all issues related to RFID

Overview course contents

Module I

  • Introduction to RFID technology
  • Standards / frequencies / specifications
  • Distinguishing features & delimitations
  • Differences & characteristics LF / HF systems
  • Combination of RFID systems

Module II

Overview of the following RFID technologies:

  • Basics LEGIC:
    • Security concept
    • Master Token System
    • Transponders
  • Basics Mifare:
    • Security concept
    • Mifare classic: Overview & structure
    • Mifare DESFire: Overview & structure

Module III

  • Overview and introduction to NFC
  • Overview and introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Sales-related questions
  • Live demo: Read-out/determine data media with the MADA UniC10_Read RFID Multiband analysis kit

Date and location

Friday, 05. April 2024, @ 8:00 17:00 Uhr

Circle of participants

Employees as well as specialists and managers of the marketing and sales sector

*Limited number of participants

Participation fee

zzgl. MwSt. pro Person pro Tag inkl. Seminarunterlagen, Mittagessen und Pausengetränke

*Also bookable as a company-intern event

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