Moving into the new extension

At the end of 2020, our new two-storey building was completed, providing an additional 1,500 m² of space. Nearly 300 m² of this office space is available to our sales department. Another 800 m² were used for the work planning, print and card production departments and for the modern production facilities and the newly created pallet warehouse.
In addition to the workrooms, more space has also been created for our social rooms, where employees can spend their breaks.



Acquisition of Card Technology Group (CTG) from Villingen-Schwenningen

CTG was the name for Card Technology Group and represented 25 years of experience and know-how in the field of card technologies. The cooperation of MADA and the medium-sized company CTG lasted for many successful years in several business areas. With the acquisition and the full integration into the company MADA on 1st September 2015, the range of services was completed in all areas.


Enlargement and moving into the new construction with approx. 70 employees

2015 the new construction of about 700 square meters over two floors was occupied and offers not only space for Business Management, Sales, Marketing and Development but is also a clear commitment for the location Villingen-Schwenningen, to which MADA remains loyal in almost 40 years of company history. Furthermore, the new training system “MADA.college” celebrates its formation and contributes significantly to the future-oriented company strategy of MADA in the fields of consulting and project management. The freed-up resources in the existing building were used to increase considerably production capacity – by nearly 50%. At this time, MADA employs approximately 75 full-time staff members.


Design meets technology!

RFID key-fob ceVo+ of MADA wins iF product design award 2013.


Winner of innovation price-IT with MADA MIFARE® DESFire® Speed Tag



Official handover

Patrick Marx is now the sole director and shareholder.


Entry of Patrick Marx

The company founder’s son is the second director from January 2004.
During the coming years, the focus on own products was intensified in the field of RFID media as well as in the scope of software development.


New construction and movement with approx. 16 employees

After a long planning process, MADA moved into the present location Hinterhofen 4.


Moving to Douglasien Street 16 with 7 employees

4 years after company foundation, a new location was selected. By smart solutions in the field of bank cards as well as for data stations, a successful upward trend followed. During the coming years, the company was built-up solidly and came a whole closer to achieving its goal of developing and distributing high-tech products. After a while, the space conditions for 16 employees became too limited there as well.


Company foundation by Günter Marx

The one-man operation started in the cellar rooms in the own house. The target aim to build up an own product range in the field of data technology was just realizable in little steps. Initially, the most important factors of company strategy were flexibility, commitment and improvisation.